About Prosthetics

Prior to its incorporation in 2019, Augment Bionics was a project led by University of Edinburgh students solely aimed at developing an affordable bionic prosthetic. The project was comprised of over 30 individuals broken up into five teams - mechanical, electrical, software, design and commercial. 

Since its incorporation, Augment Bionics is still actively working on the development of prosthetics. The team was consolidated and reorganised in order to achieve a more streamlined and flat structure. 

Prosthetics Project Founders

Pedro Damas

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Pedro is a Post-Graduate student in Energy Technologies at Cambridge University. Originally from Portugal, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, where he developed a passion for Mechatronics. After discovering the wonders of 3D printing and cheap, user-friendly electronics, he realised there was potential to help the amputee community through the introduction of affordable, yet functional, robotic prosthetics. After nearly 1 year of sketches and blueprints, he gathered a team in 2017 to turn this dream into a reality. Co-managing this team with Hubert Taczyński was an amazing experience and he is looking forward to see the exciting developments of the new team.

Hubert Taczyński

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Hubert is currently a Master's in Management student at HEC Paris. His BSc in Medical Sciences initiated his passion for MedTech, which was further fuelled by Augment Bionics. As Pedro's good friend, he got inspired by his vision and contributed to AB's conception and initial execution. He eventually helped Pedro scale up the project and make the first prototype happen. He hopes to see the startup redefine affordable prosthetics and improve the lives of thousands.

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