Research Team

Jason Lee

Electrical and Electronics Engineer 

Jason is a second year student studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He has a strong passion for robotics, stemming from his past childhood experience from assembling Gundam plastic model kits. He is leading the development of the mechanical and electrical aspects of the bionic hand.

Alex Roy

Lead Programmer

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Alex is in his 4th year studying Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh and has been with Augment Bionics from the start. He was inspired by the ambitious goals of the project — wanting to contribute what he could towards something with the potential to improve lives. As Lead Programmer, Alex oversees control systems and software — always looking to improve the user experience. When he's not tinkering away, he can usually be found swing dancing or playing boardgames.⁣

Aidan McCusker

Mechanical Engineer

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Aidan is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Edinburgh who joined the team in September of 2019.  With previous experience in designing and prototyping medical devices with 3D printers, Aidan is motivated by the opportunity to utilise technical engineering skills to improve the lives of people with upper limb deficiencies. His role at Augment involves overseeing and supporting the mechanical development of the prototype and helping track relevant deadlines. Outside of engineering, Aidan is a huge sports fan and spends most of his time playing football or shouting at Celtic on TV.

Rufus Lopes

Mechanical Engineer

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Rufus is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student having recently joined the team in September of 2019. Building on previous experience from working with the University's Formula Student team, Rufus is seeking to improve his knowledge of embedded systems and 3D printing with a focus in the biotechnological sector. At Augment, Rufus is investigating adjustments and improvements to the new hand prototype such as the addition of active wrist mechanisms to improve mobility. Outside of University life, Rufus is a keen cyclist and runner.

Kelvin Shilinglaw 

Electronics & Signal Processing Engineer

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Kelvin is a MSc student at Heriot-Watt University in Renewable Energy Engineering with a background in Electronics & Electrical Engineering. A recent addition to the team who joined due to a passion for building tech for biomedical devices and an interest in applying AI to the project. He is developing a new sensing system for the V2 prototype. Away from Augment Bionics, Kelvin is involved in other projects such as the construction of a solar powered sustainable house. Outside of engineering, Kelvin enjoys working on himself and early starts at the gym.

Ákos Szollosi

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer

Ákos is a 4th year Electrical and Mechanical engineering student who recently joined the team in September of 2019. He has a passion for research and development, and his main goal is to make an impact on society by improving the lives of the underprivileged. He is inspired by the refined and efficient design of living organisms that evolution gives rise to, and aims to make use of new technologies that allow us to mimic and interface with these biological systems. He is currently working on a simple, cheap and robust mechanically-driven upper limb prosthetic, mainly aimed at helping people in developing countries.