• Arun Bhardwaj

KickStart Converge Challenge

In November 2018, we applied to the KickStart Converge Challenge. Throughout this process we were required to submit an initial online application, as well as a 5-page business plan and 1 minute pitch video. We were then informed that Augment Bionics was one of the top 10 finalists being considered for the 2019 KickStart award.

On March 14th 2019, we were invited to attend the final awards event at RBS Gogarburn in Edinburgh. The day consisted of expanding our network and raising awareness of our idea. We were able to converse with other finalists, judges, and representatives from companies such as Fearsome, MBM commercial, and IP Pragmatics to name just a few.

Elisabeth Feldstein (Head of Finance) delivering a live pitch at the KickStart awards event, March 14th 2019.

sIn addition to the KickStart award there was also a live pitching competition with a separate prize. Elisabeth Feldstein, the Head of Finance, delivered an uplifting pitch to convey the story behind Augment Bionics. Through this pitching competition we were able to gain the attention of many attendees. This has allowed us to become connected with many experienced professionals who are intrigued by Augment and are willing to support us in reaching our goals.

KickStart top 10 finalists featuring William Saputra (Commercial Director), Elisabeth Feldstein, and Iman Mouloudi from Augment Bionics.

Although the outcome of the event was not what we were hoping for, we were able to gain some very valuable experience throughout this process. It was the first big funding competition we had applied for, and so being one of 10 finalists was a huge accomplishment! We realise that part of being a start-up means that there will often be huge successes as well as disappointing outcomes. We were able to get feedback on the areas that require improvement and we will be revisiting our business plan, structure, and approach to implement and further develop these changes.

We extend our congratulations to the winner and runner-up of KickStart 2019, as well as the winner of the live pitching competition. We would also like to thank the entire team at Converge for all the training provided throughout the course of this competition and for organising this final event!

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