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SkyNews interview: making face-shields in a school

Only a week after we had the spark of an idea to make face shields with the resources and expertise we had, we were interviewed by Sky News (text version here, video here) to talk about how we did it and what motivated us.

Currently, production is centred in Latymer Upper school, of which George, our technical director, is a former pupil. Along with another former pupil and a current A Level student at the school, thanks to crowdfunding we are able to use this space with its 3D printers as a base from which to distribute to all over the UK.

At the time of the interview, we had 500 orders - now, partly due to the publicity from this piece, we have over 1,300.

It's amazing to get the word out there, and we are proud to be part of a wider community working to fill the gaps and create some certainty in this very uncertain time. PPE for everyone who needs it is always the end goal.

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