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In light of the increasing threat of COVID-19 and the lack of essential protective equipment, our team set out to help medical personnel. We decided to use our capabilities to manufacture and donate PPE face shields for our frontline health care workers. 


Meet our wonderful volunteers who have gone above and beyond to support the healthcare workers on the front lines.


Find out ways you might be able to help us.

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Meet the individuals and organisations who have supported our venture since its inception. 

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Due to updated government regulations, we will only be able to donate face shields to NHS procurement offices and government services. For more information, please see the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations as outlined by the Office for Product Safety & Standards. We are working hard to get the maximum amount of face shields to healthcare workers, and will continue to monitor any updates in regulation.


Please use the contact form below to place an order for face shields. We appreciate your patience as our team works to respond to all order enquiries. Please specify the following information:

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  • Quantity Ordered (Please do not request "Any Amount")

  • Contact Name

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  • Hospital/Clinic/Practice Name

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