Our Supporters


Latymer Upper School

Latymer Upper School is a selective independent school in Hammersmith, London. Our technical director and most of our volunteers are alumni of the school, which has kindly opened up its facilities to Augment Bionics for the manufacturing and packaging of PPE. Latymer's history and its present-day work are intrinsically philanthropic; it has supported countless charitable projects in London and across the globe for centuries. Through Latymer's incredibly generous and resourceful community, Augment Bionics has been able to make the PPE project a reality.


Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP

RPC is a corporate and insurance law firm headquartered in London. Jon Bartley, Ciara Cullen, Peter Rudd-Clarke, Michelle Moriarty, Esme O'Hagen and Michael Porter have been advising Augment Bionics on regulations, liability risks, supply contracts and IP issues. The team have been advising Augment Bionics free of charge as part of the firm's pro bono initiative against the backdrop of a fluid regulatory regime. Augment Bionics can only commend RPC for their excellent service.

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Here to Help London

Here to Help London is a collaborative service established to assist the community and its key workers during the COVID-19 crisis. In response to COVID-19 imposing social distancing, self-isolation, closure of businesses and job losses, Here to Help London was created to provide the community with the support needed in these unprecedented times. With their fleet of electric vehicles, they have supported Augment Bionics by distributing face shields to healthcare workers across London. In addition, Here to Help London provided financial support which assisted Augment Bionics manufacturing its first 10,000 shields. 



Wirzum is a team of like-minded people who have joined their efforts with the German company Waldheim International GmbH to develop an international online platform called “We Join Hands”. The goal of the platform is to bring together elderly people and people with special needs for co-living, mutual support and assistance, as well as self-realisation. They were the first entity to provide financial support to Augment Bionics allowing us to kickstart our PPE manufacturing process.

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Edinburgh Shield Force

Edinburgh Shield Force is an autonomous group of action-minded researchers, engineers, academics and volunteers who have responded to the COVID-19 outbreak by pooling our abilities and resources with the aim of providing personal protective gear to front line healthcare professionals. They have intellectually supported Augment Bionics by providing technical advice, 3D models and connections in the manufacturing industry. Several members of the Technical Team at Augment Bionics are working as volunteers with Edinburgh Shield Force.

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Edinburgh Innovations

Edinburgh Innovations is the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service. They lead the University’s activities in industry engagement and business development, enterprise support for students and staff, and the identification, management and commercialisation of University intellectual property. They provided us with financial support in the early stages of our fight agains COVID-19. 



David Nicholson is the founder of Rivergecko Ltd & MyUrbanCar which provide consultancy and advice for drivers and fleets to speed the transition from fossil fuel transport to clean vehicles powered by renewable energy on land water and air.  


David has been extremely helpful as a volunteer driver for Augment Bionics, using his MyUrbanCar Tesla Model 3 EV to help deliver much needed face-shields to GP surgeries and Hospitals.