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Finlay White

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Fin is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student at Newcastle University. He was one of the first volunteers to be recruited by Augment Bionics in the effort to provide PPE for frontline workers. His phenomenal ability to think on his feet and multitask played a huge role in getting the project off the ground. Fin led the effort in increasing the productivity of the 3D printers and repeatedly repaired machines that would have otherwise been deemed unusable. As the project advanced, he used his technical skills to carry out rigorous testing which ensured that the face shields would pass the necessary regulatory standards. 


Robert Grylls

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Rob has a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Bristol and has spent the last three years working in a number of roles in the education sector. During the COVID-19 crisis, Rob has been offering his skills and time to help Augment Bionics manufacture and distribute Face Shields – specifically through partnership management in securing manufacturing capabilities. His efforts have ensured that the team has a sufficient supply of materials to sustain the production line - a gargantuan effort considering the significant disruption of supply chains across the globe.


Ellie Fritz

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Ellie is a final year Product Design and Manufacture student at the University of Nottingham. She got involved with the project during the transition from 3D printing to injection moulding. Ellie assisted with the design of the injection moulded headband which helped the team begin the tooling process quicker. Ellie wanted to help out with getting as many shields as possible to those in need while continuing her university studies.


Henry Hall

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Henry graduated from the University of Bristol in 2019 with a Masters in Mechanical engineering. He had to return from Indonesia due to the COVID-19 crisis where he was working in manufacturing and business process improvement for a ceramics company. Using his engineering knowledge, industrial experience and communication skills, Henry played a pivotal role in expanding the manufacturing capacity of the project while maintaining the costs to a minimum. In addition, he was heavily involved in the regulatory approval process and sourced vital funding for the project through his network.


Helen Grylls

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Helen is an actress, in contrast to many of the team who come from science backgrounds. She graduated in 2018 with an acting degree from St. Mary’s. With theatres having to take an “extended interval” and most of the creative industry being affected by the pandemic, Helen wanted to do something meaningful to support the fight against COVID-19: she is pleased to be involved with the Augment Bionics project.


Milo Keating-Aboud

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Milo recently graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Masters degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering where he also worked as a Research Assistant. He has been volunteering to help Augment Bionics manufacture and distribute face shields to the NHS. Milo has had an incredibly positive impact on streamlining the manufacturing and packaging processes, as well as making sure that new volunteers are well informed and prepared for their tasks. His input has significantly increased the rate of production which has helped frontline workers receive more face shields in a shorter period of time.


Will Bond

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Will is a fashion design student in his third year of his BA. He’s worked for Louis Vuitton and Raf Simons in Europe this year before having to come back due to the virus. Offering a pair of hands for whatever needs to be done to help produce and distribute the visors with his old classmate George.


Ness Sutherland-Dodd

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Ness joined the volunteering team after seeing the positive things Augment Bionics were doing to aid healthcare workers. He is currently an undergraduate at the University of Bath studying a masters in Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, entering his final year of study in September 2020. He has been aiding the team in face shield manufacturing and packaging to assist with the ever increasing demand.


Emmanuel Shaul

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Emmanuel graduated from the University of Bristol with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics in 2019. Having heard the great work his former classmates were doing producing PPE, he wanted to do his part in helping the NHS and local community during these difficult times.


Jack Healey

Jack is an undergraduate at the University of Bristol, completing his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Mathematics from home due to the virus. Having seen the positive affects of the hard work of his former classmates, he joined the team to offer a helping hand. Proud to be a part of Augment Bionics’ cause.


Graham Turnbull

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Emile Faure


Harry Tritton


Lucy Beard

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Kelvin Brenner

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Alex Dzavaryan